November 21, 2017 | 7:06 am
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The Terminator

Steampunk KLH Custom

Custom Made Banjo with HSC

Hand carved Walnut resonator. Tree of life pearl inlay on Ebony fresh set up. Wonderful sounding older piece!

Steve May Custom Built Acoustic

Wonderful sounding handcrafted acoustic guitar. Steve is an amazing local artist / builder. Very excited to have one of his pieces in the store!

Aged Pink Paisley Fender Body

A build in progress of an old classic recreated with the KLH touch. Very cool!


Mark Willock Custom Acoustic

Custom made by a local artist. All the best solid woods with a rewarding rich and warm tone. Fresh set up, and super low action. Very nice hand made acoustic that is priced to sell!

KLH Custom Dobro

Old modded Dobro. Two pickups, whammy bar, steampunk slide box. Custom by KLH. Head turner! Sounds great.