November 21, 2017 | 7:06 am
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Vintage Princeton Cab./ Weber Chassie

Weber Smoking Joe guts in this aged old cab. Sounds great, looks even better!

1970-71 British Made Sound City 120 Double Stack

Original mint condition. 2 four 12' fain loaded cabinets. Original covers included. No issues. This rig has never been toured with, in fact it's never left the house, except to bring it to my store.

1940's Vintage Masco

Wonderful vintage Masco guitar or harp amp. Serviced and a clean bill of health!

1972 Fender Bassman

Vintage early 70's Fender Bassman. Super clean, no issues at all. Great sounding amp.

1948 National Amp

Vintage 1948 National. This came in the store as a pair with a lap steel guitar. Just had it serviced. The tone is incredible. Super warm tube goodness!

1950's Airline Amp

Just serviced. Great sounding harp amp!

Egnater Tourmaster

Like New, top of the line Egnater Tourmaster 100 watt combo. Just got this one in. Great amp!

1972 Marshall Combo

Super rare! Great sounding, and very hard to find. This one is from Russia.

1960s Airline Reverb

Kevin Silva cleaned it up! Nice.

1963 Fender Blonde Tremolux

Super clean. Surfs up!