November 21, 2017 | 7:06 am
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1928 HG - 00 Gibson

Well played. Sounds amazing! Non orginal case.

1965 Guild F212

Fresh set up. no issues with this amazing vintage 12 string. Original hard shell case. Great player.

1930's Slingerland Nighthawk

Super rare vintage. All orginal. Jazz box, arch top acoustic. Sounds as good as it looks. No issues, fresh setup. You won't be dissapointed.

1964 Gretsch Double Anniversary

Vintage smoke green on yellow double ann. Gretsch original hardshell case. Nice!

Aged American Autographed Tele

All the best Nashville guitar players have signed this Tele. P.S. It plays great!

Don Kelleys' Takamine

The one and only Don Kelly's original old Takamine. Played to death. Don is a great friend of mine and he gave this old relic to me. I  will never sell this though, sorry.

1967 Goya Rangemaster

Vintage Goya Rangemaster with original hardshell case. Just came in, and everything work great. Killer vintage tone and a nice price too!

1950's Martin Mandolin

1950's A style Martin mando in great condition. Very warm sounding vintage A.

1960's Framus Fancy 6 String Banjo

Awesome vintage tone. Great shape! Very hard to find.

1982 American RI '52 Telecaster

The first year for the Fullerton, CA reissues! It has been played to death by my friend Jeff Garris from Nashville, TN. He had it signed by Waylon Jennings and Roy Clark...I traded him a custom KLH Strat for it but had to promise I would never sell it! I keep my word 🙂

1963 Gibson J-50

Slope shoulder cannon. All original. Very warm sounding great old guitar.

Gretsch 6 String Banjo

This is one of the best playing 6 string banjo's out there. Comes with a case. Very popular right now!

Dan Electro Long Horn Acoustic

Vintage, very hard to find, super cool piece.

Fender Electric Dobro

Great tone, low action, and sounds amazing!

Early 50's Gibson J-45

Bar none the best sounding acoustic in the store! Older refinished hardshell case. 

Old Epiphone Jazz Box

Stock single New York mini HB neck pickup. Very cool sounding guitar. Clean.

1930s Kalamazoo

Big sound for a smaller guitar. Very solid and no issues.

Rat Fink Guitar

Von Dutch, nice.

Vintage Resonator / Dobro Mandolin

Moon and Stars. Just got this in. Very unique Sound!

Late 40's Early 50's Gretsch New Yorker

Really sounds great! Has an awesome vintage vibe.

Premier Banjo Mid 1970's

Maple Resonator and Neck. Ebony Frett Board. Pearl Inlay Very Nice. Just set up. Hardshell Case.

1964 Custom Chet Atkins Tennesean

1950's Filtertron Pickups. Aftermarket Pick Gaurd, Whammy Bar and Finish. Sounds Great