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998 South 10th Street Noblesville, Indiana 46074

Next First Friday Jam – Come & Play
Friday September 4 – 6pm to 10pm

A genuinely unique storefront in downtown Noblesville, Indiana builds and repairs guitars for musicians performing modern contemporary and classical styles who appreciate an instrument selected and cared for by a Master Luthier. A visit with Kevin Heffernan, artist, enthusiast, musician, and shop owner is worth the trip to this vintage shop alone. The instruments, accessories, and vintage pieces featured in the store are not just collector pieces, waiting to be played by a musician looking for not only a certain quality, but a certain sound. 


Center Stage Vintage Guitars,  also known as KLH Custom Guitars…
…puts focus not just on rare and unique vintage instruments, but also on the their designed playability and longevity. An artist playing on the road, show after show, requires a reliable and quality guitar. Kevin has been on the road, performing in all kinds of venues, and you can still find him on the front porch of CSVG strumming his favorites with a few friends, or out playing shows with his band. While he is still passionate about playing, he is even more passionate about putting the right instrument into your hands, or designing your instrument for you.

—-The CSVG Chief—-

Guitars and instruments that have been hand crafted by luthier Kevin Heffernan have been played by many well known professional musicians. He has been featured in the Indy Star as well as several articles in “Current In Noblesville” where his shop is located for being recognized as a master luthier and custom creator to becoming his own boss. Kevin’s work, personality, and ethic is certainly well known in the local community just as much as it is through musicians and enthusiasts globally that know his talent and work. From the strange, to the classics, to steampunk, Kevin has built some of the very best around, and continues to be a creative and innovative force.

Repair and Restoration

CSVG is also an A-Z stringed instrument repair, and restoration shop for the greater Indianapolis area. Do you have a beloved guitar / instrument that’s damaged or has seen better days? Kevin has an amazing workshop with the proper tools and materials needed to fully restore your instrument to your specifications with the hands of a true master luthier.

Kevin’s Invitation
Stop by CSVG and meet with Kevin. Pick up and play a guitar or two and he will likely pull down another and play along side you. He believes it’s not just about owning a piece of history, but about enjoying and playing these great instruments.

If you have a desire to play a piece of history, looking for a trade, or you have your dream guitar in mind and can’t find it anywhere, then contact CSVG by clicking on the CONTACT link above. Kevin truly wants to help you find the guitar / instrument you have always wanted, may not know you wanted, or custom build one that captures the age, the sound, the play-style, and the essence of exactly what you are looking for!

If you aren’t in the area you can still contact Kevin directly, but if you do happen to be nearby, stop in for a very unique experience or Phone 317-371-8956

Center Stage Vintage Guitars has built custom
guitars and or worked on instruments
for the following popular musicians & bands.

Zac Brown ~ Saturday Night Live Band ~ Carrie Underwood
Merle Haggard ~ 
Lyle Lovitt ~ Johnny Cash ~ Dwight Yoakam
Marty Stuart ~ BJ Thomas ~ Emmylou Harris ~ Sara Bareilles
The Wright Brothers ~ Max Allen Band ~ Tanya Tucker
The Twin Cats ~ Recoil ~ Bigger than Elvis ~ Jerry Douglas
Earl Scruggs ~ Guthrie Trapp JD Simo ~ Don Kelley ~ Jeff Garris
Craig Morgan ~ Bill Kirchin ~ The Band Perry ~ Alex Brummell
Duke Tomato Redd Volkaert ~ Dave Roe ~ John Mellencamp
Dixie Chicks ~ Fuzz Box Girl ~ Jeff Garris ~ Bobby Mckee
John Berry ~ Randy King and the New Positions
Jimmy Fortune ~ Toxic Reasons ~ Brigitte DeMeyer
Jewel ~ Latex Novelties ~ Kellie Pickler ~ Kolo Bell


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Hours Of Operation

(317) 371-8956
12 Noon ~ 6pm
12 Noon ~ 4PM

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